Monday, 5 December 2011

Bolo development

Hi Guys,

I'll try to show each main step in Bolo development. As you know already Bolo is very cartoony and round, I was looking for smooth lines in every view. I really wanted him to look as close as possible in comparison to character design. Piotr Orlinski aka Orzel was responsible  for model and I want to thank him for his patience, it was tough nut to crack! :)

Here you have some steps:

and and finally we have achieved desired effect:

Monday, 21 November 2011

How the world looks like?

The answer for this question was created by PaweĊ‚ Czapla:

Here you have it:

1) Exterior

2) Bolo interior

3) Lola interior

4) Some props

(created by Artur Gorczynski)

I think that now you have better understanding of the Brrrumpta.

I will show you next time some 3D stuff, so stay tuned :)).

Monday, 7 November 2011

Character Bio

Hi Folks!

I am sure that by characters design you have already drawn some conclusions about the nature of Bolo, Lola and Pedro. Here you have short but concise Bio of each character. Hope you like it and see you in next post ;).

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Characters... yeah, it's so difficult to create character which fit properly universe and story you want to present,  that wasn't easy task (is there any easy one? :P).

I cooperated with Artur Gorczynski in character designs, he is very talented and experienced designer. We reached compromise very quickly and he really knew what I expected.

Here is blog of Artur:

You will meet three characters in 'Wild Love':

a) Bolo - alpha male on the island
b) Lola - most beautiful female on the island
c) Pedro - EMO dino :D

and here you have early development stage of Bolo

Hopefully you find this characters funny and appealing as I do, I will post characters Bio next time so stay tuned :).

Wild Love - introduction

Hey everybody!!!! :D

Let me start from the very beginning :).

I came up with the idea/story last summer and everyday since then I think about it and work hard on it. I have presented whole story and idea 'how to' to my talented friends that I met some time ago during the commercial project and they loved it, so I had green light to start pre-production :).

Let me introduce Wild Love Gang:

- me - story, producing, directing, animating -
- Artur Gorczynski - character designing -
- Pawel Czapla - enviroment designing -
- Piotr Orlinski - 3d modeling, texturing, rendering -
- Kamil Hepner - td, rigging -
- Marcin Majewski - vfx
- Piotr Musial - sfx, music -

... so we are planning to finish pre-production by the end of this year and release the teaser in april. The main goal is to accomplish whole production by the end of next year.

I will be posting here at least twice a month so stay tuned please :).