Monday, 23 January 2012

Pedro development

Hi Folks :),

Today you'll get quick info about Pedro, our lovely veggie Dinosaur. I was thinking few weeks about Pedros character, design and overall look and finally I've decided that would be great to use references of Tapir as a main background. I've collected few references (for example droopys tired eyes ^^), sketched shape and had conversation with Artur about what he think. He loved the idea of Pedro looking as a 'Tapirosaur' and finally he created him. I hope you find him funny as same as we do :).

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lola development

Hi Folks,

hope you had great Christmas time and hope new 2012 will be full of challenges and successes!! First few days after long holiday aren't easy but great thing about it is that you're coming back with completely fresh mind and you're hungry for work :D !!!

Lola is as tall as Bolo but design as you see is much sharper. The main thing was to show this sharp and moody character by shape and I believe we achieve desire effect :).

model created by Piotr Orlinski