Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wild Love ROX ^^

Hehe :) ... this post is about rocks, we've been looking for nice shapes few weeks and I'd like to thank Piotr Orlinski for his patience becuase he was responsible for every model. The main goal was to fit properly Bolos 'sharp world' by designs and I'm very happy with final look. Here you have few rocks:

next time we'll present some screens of high quality caves, so stay tuned!! :)

Monday, 6 February 2012


Hi Folks,

There will be three types of sound in the movie:

- music
- sound fx
- character voices

Piotr Musial will cover first two. He is really talented composer and sound fx designer. Check his site in spare time: http://www.piotrmusial.com/

I am going to pick character voices, can't wait to do that ;). Here is stuff I am going to use:

- PC soundcard EMU 404
    - Mixer Behringer Xenyx 802
          - Microphone Behringer B-2 Pro

stay tuned :)