Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wild Love - introduction

Hey everybody!!!! :D

Let me start from the very beginning :).

I came up with the idea/story last summer and everyday since then I think about it and work hard on it. I have presented whole story and idea 'how to' to my talented friends that I met some time ago during the commercial project and they loved it, so I had green light to start pre-production :).

Let me introduce Wild Love Gang:

- me - story, producing, directing, animating -
- Artur Gorczynski - character designing -
- Pawel Czapla - enviroment designing -
- Piotr Orlinski - 3d modeling, texturing, rendering -
- Kamil Hepner - td, rigging -
- Marcin Majewski - vfx
- Piotr Musial - sfx, music -

... so we are planning to finish pre-production by the end of this year and release the teaser in april. The main goal is to accomplish whole production by the end of next year.

I will be posting here at least twice a month so stay tuned please :).

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